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Fluid Powered Automation
Complete hands-free service. Electro pneumatic vertical lift with safeties on the up cycle and safeties on the down. Adjustable opening and closing speed. Soft pneumatic system is capable of high daily cycles with low maintenance and minimum wear and tear especially in extreme temperatures.

Optic Sense
Adjustable anticipatory sensing anticipates movement in the station and opens the window. Step outside sensor field and window automatically closes. Switched optic override keeps the window open during peak periods.

Self-contained Concept
Solarium-like unit that fills a rough hole. The continuous stainless-steel counter extends from the interior face to the exterior edge. No ancillary framing is required. Complete from the inside to the outside.

Only 4 Moving Parts
Including the actual moving window frame. No mechanical system can compare. The reliability factor increases with the decrease in number of moving parts.

Environmentally Responsible
Automatic opening and closing maintains air quality and temperature and reduces the risk of vehicular exhaust and insects in the kitchen.

Illuminated Panel
Backlit lexan panel in plain white, colored or with corporate slogan.