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Automatic Windows /

Electric Automation
Complete hands free service. Safeties on opening and closing cycle with magnetic clutch.
Rated 40 degrees F/+40C

Optic Sensing
Adjustable hands free sensing anticipates the presence of a server and opens or closes the window automatically. No bars, buttons or through beams means true hands free operation. 
Servers don't have to think about opening and closing.  Switched optic override keeps window open automatically at peak periods.
Proportional Opening (window does not  complete a whole cycle on an accidental trip) Adjustable from 2 to 24 “. Set at the factory to 8”

Linear Bearing
Frames are top-hung on linear ball bearing tracks. No rollers or wheels on the counter to trap dirt and bind.

Self-contained concept
Unit fits into a rough hole opening. No ancillary framing is required. Complete from the inside to the outside.
Anodized aluminum finish sides, roof and counter

Thermal Sealed Double  tempered Glazing – extremely strong. Resists cold, heat and noise.

Dimensions: 48w x 45h x 4 ½ “deep
Rough Hole:48 ¼ x 45 ¼ x 4 ½ ” deep
Daylight opening:  22w x 30h
Electric center bi-parting side slider
Electrical rating:
Input AC100-240v 50/60Hz.08A
Output DC12v 4.3A
Switch 3 pos (DPDT): Optic Override/off/ automatically
12” pigtail wiring at left bottom as viewed from the interior. C/w drawstring and labelled instructions

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