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94100 Manual Side Slider

Dimensions: 94" wide x 100" high - these dimensions are completely flexible while keeping a standard size for the drivethru window portion (45 1/2" w x 39 3/8" h) where possible.

Model name will change when the dimensions are changed. 

3 Part Click together system:
This custom system allows us to take care of a large floor to ceiling concept. It is a 3 part click together system whichs gives it added wind load strength. This concept also reduses shipping costs. It can also work horizontally for incororating wide sidelights.

Clear anodized thermally perimeter broken frames
Double tempered thermally sealed glazing
Right to left or left to right opening (as viewed from the inside)
Top hung linear bearing
Stainless-steel autolock
Dropdown overnight lockbar
External water drains