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Vari-Lift (Concept Unit)

Preset variable opening of 6” to 37”x 20” wide to compensate for inclement weather conditions and/or security concerns that may arise during operations. Consists of 5 moving parts: the moving frame, 2 linear actuators and 2 solenoids. Opened by passing a diffuse reflective object (person) within the range of the infrared coded and pulsed beam. (Hands-free)
In the absence of an object (person) reverts to close function.
Manual optic override switch provided.
Automation will be de-activated in lock cycle. Fan air curtain and exterior light package are also automatically controlled.
Designed to operate with dry air from Maximizer with the provision of CO2 as backup. All automation adjustments available in under counter dash-shelf pullout via 2 screws.