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Vertical Lift Window


CO2 Hook up
The windows are supplied with a hookup kit and hosing so that they can be connected to the C02 supply present in the store.
Cost of operation equates to approximately one 8oz cup of pop per day or 5c per 200 customers.
Our tests show that the cost of the window is amortized in 2 years based on heat and energy savings, as well as the time saved by servers who don't have to open and close a window manually.

Windows can also be hooked up to a compressor.
Ultimate Drive thru Windows has a top of the line compressor designed specifically for restaurants called the Maximizer .

4 Moving parts
The fewer the moving parts, the more reliable a product becomes.  The moving parts are the window frame, the 2 linear actuators built-in to the verticals and the solenoid valve.  No belts, motors, or mechanical parts.
Optic Sensing
This progressive technology anticipates the presence of a server and opens or closes the window automatically. No bars, buttons or through beams means true hands-free operation. This system is much faster than manual operation.
Servers do not have to think about opening and closing.

Finished Design
Windows are supplied complete and slot into a rough hole. The cost of finishing the interior up to the drive through window is eliminated. 

Exterior Illumination
We are the only drive thru window company offering exterior illumination. This feature focuses the attention of your customer on your logo. It provides ambient lighting that increases security.

Continuous Stainless-steel Counter
The windows feature a stainless-steel continuous counter. Slots, tracks, grooves, and dirt traps are eliminated.